Oil & Gas

With our knowledge of machining the hi-nickel based alloys we are happy to support the Subsea products to our customers. As the industry wants products to sustain high pressures at high temperatures we are at the forefront of machining these for the Oil & Gas sector.

Our company has the experience required to produce top level Subsea items in the ocean floor atmosphere.

Answers To Frequent Questions In The Oil & Gas Sector

  • How do you ensure proper deburring for Oil & Gas parts?
    Our shop floor and deburr department is equipped with several Scienscope Systems. These allow all secondary operations to see at high magnitude for proper burr removal.
  • Are you familiar with NACE MR0175?
    Yes, we work with the NACE requirements commonly in a variety of allows and specifications depending on the product and it’s end use.
  • Do you machine API 6A718 Alloy?
    We sure do. With the API 6A718 known as the Super Alloy due to its corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, it is very popular in the Oil & Gas industry.