We produce many high risk parts that serve in the Submarine Level 1 Class as well as the Safety Critical requirements in our Aerospace Defense sector. The customer requirements are stringent.

Arundel Machine is known in the industry to be the place to go for medium and high complexity items with critical inspection needs.

Answers To Frequent Questions In The Defense Sector

  • Are you tracking orders with DPAS Ratings?
    As a requirement of producing military products, our ERP System allows us to track each DPAS Rated order internally.
  • Do you have controls in place for PMI?
    We have a detailed work instruction in place for Positive Material Identification when applicable to a product being produced. We also own a Niton XRF Analyzer which allows us to test piece by piece for 100% Alloy ID as needed.
  • Are you familiar ITAR compliance?
    Yes, you can view our ITAR certification here