Is Arundel Machine doing any Lights Out manufacturing?

When a part or product allows, we utilize our Horizontal Pallet Pool Systems with Renishaw Probing to do Lights Out machining.

Do you have 5-Axis Machining?

Absolutely! We are continually investing in the latest technology in 5-Axis machining.

What are the size ranges of parts you can manufacture?

We can turn up to 15 inch diameter at a maximum length of 30 inches. We can mill up to a 16” cube.

What materials do you work with?

We are familiar with all variations of metal alloys, but we do not machine any plastics.

Is there a minimum quantity per order?

No. We do prototype to production machining.

Do you offer rush or expedited delivery on orders?

Depending on the complexity and our capacity, we work diligently with customers to support deadlines.

How are parts delivered/shipped?

Our company truck makes deliveries all across New England. We utilize all other carriers for customers outside of the New England region.