Products required in the Energy sector have extremely tight geometry and tolerance requirements. With our advancements in the latest machine tools and Inspection equipment we have proven our capabilities.

Our company supports this industry with 100% CMM Inspection data when requested. Energy products continue to be an area where we are known to support the high requirements from design to build.

Answers To Frequent Questions In The Energy Sector

  • What brand of CMM’s are being used for inspection?
    We have a Zeiss Contura and also a Zeiss DuraMax CMM. Both are supported with the Calypso Software.
  • What alloys are used in the Energy products?
    It can vary from 304L VAR to H900 condition 13-8PH. We also manufacture products from various Nitronic grades and HIPERCO.
  • Do you do Additive Manufacturing in house?
    Currently, we do not but are watching this capability stabilize year over year. While we have machined customer AM developed products we have yet to purchase an AM piece of equipment.